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Why made girl?

We are prying the cell phones and tablets out of the hands of young ladies and getting them back to being kids, enjoying learning, and socializing.

MADE Girl's mission is to foster authentic confidence, healthy self-esteem, living a life of purpose, and having mutual respect for all in girls age 5-16.


We nurture and empower our students, to be their best, to realize their true potential, and to use their potential to make the world a better place through interactive learning, special events, mentoring, after-school care, and tutoring.

It truly takes a village to raise a successful child. Our organization partners with parents and the community to set the foundation for tomorrow's leaders. The need for the MADE Girl launched from our founder's personal experience with confidence and first-hand experience as a parent of a young child.


Screen Time

American teenagers spend an estimated nine hours a day with digital technology, "tweens" aged 8 to 12 average six hours with media. This means children are spending more time with media and technology than they do with their parents, time in school, or any other thing."

Mental Health

Girls are more likely to develop depression during adolescence.


A 2018 UCLA study of nearly 6,000 incoming female university students found that graduates of all-girl schools are more likely to show higher levels of self-confidence, consider themselves critical thinkers, score higher on measures of academic habits of mind, and demonstrate stronger study habits.


Between the ages of 8-14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30 percent. At 14, when girls are hitting their low, boys’ confidence is still 27% higher.

The foundation of a made girl

I am marvelous

MADE Girls conquer confidence building and maintaining authentic unshakable confidence. 

I am authentic

Our MADE Girls understand and embrace their intrinsic value. Each student understands her strengths and the value of consistently pushing towards self-mastery.

i am a girl of destiny

Each MADE Girl understands her gifts have a distinct purpose that helps others and will impact the world.

i am a girl of equality

Our MADE Girls believe in treating all mankind with mutual respect. We have no tolerance for bullying and are consistently learning how to understand and accept each other and our differences.



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